Ashish Tiwari

Having experience in Software & Email Industry. Currently, I am working as a Senior Developer Advocate, India at Elastic .

Started journey with Software Engineer. Throughout the journey, I got the opportunity to work with great minds on various stacks, databases & programming languages. Worked with various types of use cases and contributed to solutions.

I have been wearing multiple hats as a startup guy so got a chance to work on system design, scaling, system architect, coding, maintenance, customer support & tickets, etc. It was not just tech but also marketing & Community engagement.

I am an Open Source fan & Love to contribute to the community. I like to speak about tech.

In my spare time, I like to do some R&Ds, Watch Netflix :D, Blogging.

I am from Mumbai, India. This is my new spot to share my thoughts and findings of technology.

Ashish Tiwari